Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonata Riddle Guide to the Room Puzzles

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The following guides are for the rooms that have two maps within them.

No, you can’t skip these puzzles because you need the second area to solve the riddles per room. However, here’s a detailed guide on how to solve these puzzles.

Note that the items now, (the notes that you click to view the riddles) can be clicked and dragged to where they should be in the map.

Before we start solving, move your cursor around the map, you’ll notice that when it goes near some items in the map, a caption is being revealed in your cursor - this indicates that a puzzle item MAY be dragged over there.

Reminder: Not every caption has a corresponding item, hence this guide

The first items on this list are the puzzle items available for you to click and drag. It’s already arranged in order, so you won’t have to be confused as to what you’re going to pick first. Don’t worry if you think that some items have no place - once you latch a puzzle piece into place, new items will appear in the room.

The second tags are where the puzzle items should be place. On some puzzle items I’ve included the position of these areas in the clue because it may get a tad confusing.

Once you’ve finished the puzzle, the second area will be revealed to you.



Puzzle Game

lion emblem - left corner, missing emblem
whale emblem - right corner, missing emblem
candle - missing candle, center
stone dagger - missing object - left corner
stone greaves - missing object, right corner
stair piece - broken stair




Matchstick - unlit fireplace
bull glyph - broken glyph, right corner
emblem - emblem slot
eyeglass - man squinting
gear - missing gear, right corner
metal rod - missing rod
clock hand - handless clock
hammer - fixable plank


Secret Room Puzzle

metal plate - missing plate, bottom center

angelic halo - angel to the left

bow - Medusa

Duplicate painted sword - deja vu?

Imp horn - missing horn

Ghost mouth - ghost

Centaur hoof - centaur



Secret Room Puzzle:

Gear - lower left corner, stage box - beside the doll

Sand box - lower left corner, above doll place on rope end

Prop oar - place on boat, under the IV sign, by the hole

Prop arrow - place on Prop Archer

Prop Sword- Prop Fighter

Brown Prop Bird with Missing String - Bird’s String

Moon on Northwestern Sky - Upper left corner, moon snap on

Prop Serpent Horn - Missing Horn

Prop Serpent Tail Tip - Missing Tail


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