Library of Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonatas with this Riddle Guide Part 1

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The Library holds more secrets than you think as it has two areas in its room. One of it, is the usual library one finds in every mansion and the other, well - the other is an abandoned garden/reading room that looks a little worse for the wear. Watch out for the murals as they change as you change rooms. Keep your eyes open and you might just solve the riddles in this room.

Library Riddles 1-10

A consonant start of red, royal and rain, I’m a glyph to be found deeply carved in wooden grain - carved letter R

Sitting here as decades unfold, my fowl mood resembles the weather below - frowning bust

I’m a tool which cuts through rings marking age;a sharp image found on what covers a page - axe

Toward the ceiling I’ve grown from the mud, a tangle of green in a shape that pumps blood - heart in the vines

In an emerald gown am I beautifully dressed, while I daintily curtsy to a nearby masked guest - lady in a green dress

With teeth sharp as dagges and eyes black as coal, I’ll soon catch a cardinal and swallow him whole - snake in a tree

I’ve triplicate twinklers who in the night shine, decorating my leather-bound, water hued spine - book marked with three stars

I’m a honeybee’s home hanging high above ground; a detail where candles and crystals are found - golden beehive

I’m a carrying case with a new penny’s shine, uniquely marked with a pen dwelling swine - copper box marked with a pig

I’m the numbered green home to a movable tree; one found not in two or in four, but in three - a pot labeled with III

I’m a figure for which ornithologists search; the reddest of creatures you’ll find on a perch - red bird

I swim in the floor below volumes in rows; a sea dwelling mammal with a bottle-like nose - dolphin tile

Library Riddles 11-20

I’m a volume you’d likely select at first glance should you want to read stories of love and romance - book marked with a heart

Though I’m beautifully dressed in an elegant gown, my twin sees only mewhenever she looks down - tiny woman in a pink dress

I attend parties not to relax but to serve, bearing products of vineyards to lessen one’s nerves - butler with wine glasses

I’d keep the interior safe from the weather, had I not cracked to look like a critter with feathers - bird shaped break in the window

I’m the happiest half of emotional twins; there’s no scowl on my face, but a carved-in-stone grin - smiling bust

For tales of rivers or rhinos or Rome, of the volumes collected I’m the most likely home - volume R

Dressed up in shapes seen at night through the ages; I’ve a pair of twin twinklers on a cover of pages - book marked with two stars

I’m often to be found on a royal man’s head, but here I’ve a home amidst pages instead - crown

I’m a gathering of words in a ladybug’s shell; a small beetle’s partner o’er stories to tell - red book with black dots

I’m an elegant lady who’ll not overheat, for I cool my face while I mingle and greet - lady with a fan

Library Riddles 21-30

I’m a carrying case with a new penny’s shine uniquely marked with a pen dwelling swine - copper box marked with a pig

Unlike other books you might read at your leisure, I bear a golden mark like what marks a map’s treasure - book marked with golden X

Of aardvarks and zebras, tigers and snails, I’ve gathered within me their many details - book of animals

We’re a pair seen flickering in the window by night, shrinking each hour, for we met when alight - set of candlesticks

With buckles in pair, I’m a well secured stash; for it’s clear that I keep someone’s copious cash - chest of money

To taste the exotic you’ll need me, as I provide refreshment for the company of three - bottle with unknown liquid

I’m a figure whom all hope will not soon arrive, for my presence may mark their last moment alive - Death

I’m an old gent who walks more slowly than quick, for with each step I balance my weight on a stick - a man with a walking stick

The earsof a summoning crowd do we please, playing beautiful tunes through our pressing of keys - two pianists

On one of the perches for creatures with beaks, I’m a humanoid feature that sees, breathes and speaks - face in the tree

Library Riddles 31-37

I’m an author’s account of his daily affairs, sequentially dated for readers to share - diary

An anonymous lass you’ll see high on the wall, I’m the foxiest lady attending the ball - lady in fox mask

Within my four golden walls not a grown man could hide, I’ve room only for miniature people inside - golden house

In flight and surrounding a picture which hangs, I’m a night loving creature with blood sucking fangs - golden bat

I’m one painted leader of two warring sides, but unlike my oppnent, I’ve no hair that hides - General in red

In the glow of my brethren twinkling lights, my points bask below broken panes through the nights - star in the windowsill

To dress as a man, I’d need four pairs of shoes; when feasting, the juiciest flies would I choose - spider tile

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