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Dressing Room

Put on the right wig and prepare yourself for the mystery of a lifetime. The Dressing Room will be one of the first rooms in the game that you’ll be snooping around in. Armed with the riddles and the riddle guides in this article, you’ll be able to find out which wig to wear, the pick at the right feather boa and finally figure out who left the bloody handprint on your mirror..

Dressing Room Riddles 1-10

Hunting by sonar and hanging together; we travel by wing though we haven’t a feather - colony of bats

I’ve instructions upon me for playing a tune, so a player won’t play notes too late or too soon - music sheet

Though the largest of three with the greatest of ears, I still dash to a hole when I sense danger is near - large rabbit

Its obvious which of my words you should doubt; every lie I purport quickly lengthens my snout - Pinocchio

I untangle strands gone ungroomed for a while; without teeth but with bristles I maintain hair’s style - hair brush

Fully grown in the wild, I’m a most fearsome beast, but at this size I’m not to be feared in the least - miniature tiger

I’d most likely molt were I given a shake; shedding feathers not skin though I wrap like a snake - feather boa

I’m a hitter of heads and pounder of stakes; when I strike with great force, the entire room shakes - mallet

I’m a toppled seat marked by a poker deck’s art, but my face doesn’t feature club, diamond or heart - stool marked with a spade

A spherical keeper composed of formed clay, to the right of two tomes is where I’m stored away - clay pot

Dressing Room Riddles 11-20

When a pianist’s ready to entertain guests, I’m the comfortable spots where his derriere rests - piano bench

I’m a tree chopper drawn n where many have stood; a stylized image of a tool to cut wood - axe

As light refracts through circular me, it sparkles and glows; I’m a valuable stone to be found under toes - jewel

It’s a bounty of nuts for the winter I hold; I’m a hollow made refuge for squirrels when cold - hole in a tree

I’m an open collection of tales and lore, one that’s currently readable only by floor - a face down open book

Clear of clutter I’m a fine place to rest; sit on me while you see if you’re looking your best - empty stool

I’m styled by the twisting and tying of strands; a do only made by the most dextrous hands - wig with braids

I’m fixed to the top of a long wooden spine; a bony case made for protecting the mind - skull on a stick

I’m the mark where five fingers have touched their reflection; a clue to a crime upon further inspection - bloody hand print

When attending a ball which requires disguise, I’m the item which grants you a new nose and eyes - mask

Dressing Room Riddles 21-30

I’m the top of a brave dragon-slayer’s attire, saving medieval warriors heads from breathed fire - knight’s helmet

I’m a silk garment used to lose inches with haste, granting hourglass shape when pulled tight at the waist - corset

We’re an excellent gift for one favoring sweets; an assortment of colorful plastic wrapped treats - pieces of candy

Bundled in crimson, through woods do I roam, soon to meet howling beast in my grandmother’s home - Red Riding Hood

A symbol of rulers from ages ago, I’d look best with a royal mans head just below - crown

You’ll be down on your luck after I cross your path; When I swipe my claws, rats will feel my wrath - black cat

I’m a yellow pluck from what children may find scary, for I could only come from a monstrous canary - yellow feather

On a pedestal golden, I’m Earth recreated; I display every country whenever I’m rotated - globe

I’m a wig labeled four; only worn for a while; I allow for one’s head to sport bright crimson style - red wig

The gentle supporters of night’s dreaming heads we’re fluffy decor strewn about upon beds - set of pillows

Dressing Room Riddles 31 - 37

Once cursed by a with, I have dreamt ever since, and hereI shall stay until smooched by a prince - Sleeping Beauty

To traverse a river, I’m a doll’s safest bet, but anything heavier would likely get wet - toy boat

Only by Arthur may I be removed; by this feat, his right to the throne will be proved - sword in the stone

I’m a smear o’er reflections a victim’s request;a sign of some peril which must be addressed - help on the mirror

I’m number eleven and right for the head, should a young actor want to look older instead - gray wig

You’d find me in pairs in a western saloon, or stepping ten paces in duels at high noon - cowboy boot

On a court’s clownish figure I jingle and ring;a costume for one entertaining a king - jester’s hat

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