Sober Up in the Wine Cellar of Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonatas Riddle Guide Part 1

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Wine Cellar Info

The Wine Cellar may be a bit confusing to some mystery fans as the riddle answers are found etched in stone behind the wine cellar, in the barrels and sometimes even among the wooden walls. Be careful, as the drawings of the animals and insects may sometimes confuse you with the others. It’s may get confusing, but that’s where this riddle guide comes in. The riddle actually pinpoint the location of the actual answer because within the riddle, sometimes there are clues as to what items are beside it. Be ready to do a little math (just a lil!) as you combine number to find the right answer. Letters can be numbers if you think of them as Romans do, and sometimes even items can be the answer to what you look for.

Wine Cellar Riddles 1-10

I’m a set of two prints which totals six digits, most likely left by an avian midget - bird’s feet stone

Your luck will improve when I am kept near; a plant with four leaves over an edible ear - four leaf clover stone

Between W and R, made of two straight lines crossed, I’m a sign seen on maps, marking treasures long lost - X carved in wood

On a sundae I’m found, or in gambler’s slots; my stem as a trick, ay be tied into knots - cherry stone

I’m a veggie which farmers pull up from the ground, by a berry and vleater is where I will be found - carrot stone

We’re a golden peelable and edible bunch; a perfect fit for an orangutan’s lunch - bunch of bananas

I am twice thirty one, etched on a barrel of rum - number 62

Between body and feet of a creature who pecks, my red shell is coated in many black specks - ladybug stone

A collector of sun I’m at home on a branch; an etch below what cowboys ride on a ranch - leaf stone

A mark on what’s likely the deadliest brew, I come for a visit when your life is through - image of Death on a barrel

Wine Cellar Riddles 11-20

Upon lifting my lid, my value’s revealed but without a key I shall not be unsealed - treasure chest

On the ceiling support, I’m an M upside down, what’s opposite East and the 2 V’s in “town” - W

I hail from seas, a small beast with five legs; my square touches that of a creature who begs - starfish

A handle affixed to a tree-splitting blade, I mark what is built from the wood planks I’ve made - axe

I’m a red bit of food coated in many seeds, neighboring a creator of opalescent beads - strawberry

Oft sheared to make clothing for cold winter nights, I’m an animal with an orange food in my sights - sheep

Unusually dry, with two soles as my topper, I swim to the East of the long eared hopper - goldfish

I’m the mark where a quadruple-toed animal has stepped, etched just above two humps where water is kept - paw print

I’m a tiny round dot with a hook just above, as a sign no one’s sure what my wine is made of - question mark barrel

An ancient horned warrior , might and great I’m drawn above a nineteenth century date - Viking barrel

Wine Cellar Riddles 21-27

Grown on a stalk, I’m an ear with no head; I’m not meant for listening, but eating instead - corn

I’m not a full body, but just a stone face, of the cuddliest critter who’d give a mouse a chase - cat

I’m a tool with a strand a neck can tout, keeping the wearer safe frombeing locked out - key with string

We’re a pair highly likely to offend the nose, we’ve escaped from our shoes to air out sweaty toes - pair of human feet

Although I appear to have horns on my head, they could the fruit sitting to my left instead - goat

I’m a critter who carries many times his own weight; one likely to crash any picnic-lunch date - ant

I’m the numeral ten formed by two blades; left of a question and right of a spade - barrel marked with crossed swords

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