Hallway of Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonata with the Riddle Guide Part 1

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Watch your steps as you walk into the hallway. Look carefully at the tiles, they all seem different - could they be clues perhaps? Who knows - look to your riddle guide if you feel lost and tiny looking at the magnificent mural before you. Close your eyes and go back in time to see Francis playing with the lovely Maria at his side.

Hallway Riddle 1-11

A warrior’s created when I’m added to “night”; you’ll find me just once in “keyring” or “kite” - K

I should be on the shelf with my literary kin, but I lay on the ground,my tree tales within - book marked with a tree

I’m a number three more than a foot’s toes, inlaid in wood like two connecting O’s - 8

At Francis' side, I’ll listen a while, enjoying the melodies which make him smile - Maria

No matter whos lost me, I’m sure to be missed, for it’s tough to use an arm ending at the wrist - hand

A familiar formation of stars numbering seven. I’m found here on the ground or outside in the heavens - Little Dipper

I’m an inlay nears checks and a fiery sun; a leathery sphere to be passed, kicked or run - football

I’m oft made up in red before planting a kiss; if you look where you’d walk,I’m a mouth you can’t miss - lips

You’ll find one of us nake dfor each purchased sweater, so count yourself lucky; count us to sleep better - flock of sheep

The beginning of king and ending of ark, on the floor I’m a lone alphabetical mark - K

I’m a hisser with teeth more like venomous spikes; though I’d likely fear you, for I’m prone to shoe strikes - cobra

Hallway Riddle 12-22

I’ve five digits spread, fixed to palm of a man;you’ll spy my love if near lips do you scan - hand print

When pausing on pounding on keys white and black, I’m where Francis can look for a refeshing snack - serving tray

Upon the room’s floor is a strange place for me, since I seemingly came from the wall mural’s tree - an apple on the floor

In the dangerous woods, we keep near one another, two lengthy eared babies and protective mother - trio of rabbits

You’ll find me inlaid in a wood tile frame; the black and white board for a strategic game - chessboard

That I’m searching for rodents is quite a safe bet; I’m collared and clearly well cared for a pet - cat

When the floor has been polished to who’s shimmering sheen, we’re the itemsmost likely to have kept it clean - mop and bucket

I fall in the evening and in the morning I rise; if by day you look up, I’m the fire of the skies - sun

The place where I sit is where I rightly belong, for I love nothing more than composing a song - Francis

The edge of a saw and I look much alike,but in a rain storm I’m the one who would strike - lightning bolt

I’m an iron vowel found beneath racehorses' feet, cushioning hoof with each galloping beat - horseshoe

Hallway Riddles 23-34

I’m what’s seen in the heavens by day bringing light, found here beneath feet, any time, noon or night - sun

A neighbor to jewel, a sun and a shoe, I’m what flashes when skies are more stormy than blue - lightning bolt

I’m a flier o’er entryway marked with a tree; the one with best view of each black and white key - bird facing the piano keys

While most like me are closed, I’m a volume unsealed; with both covers to ground, I’ve two pages revealed - face open up book

I’ve five digits spread, fixed to palm of a man; you’ll spy my low five if near lips do you scan - hand print

I’m oft made up in red before planting a kiss; if you look where you alk,I’m a mouth you can’t miss - pair of lips

Though gathered in school, we’re not here to learn; we group for defense where the deep waters churn - school of fish

I’ve once sent letter sealed tightly inside and after there’s adequate postage applied - envelope

Kept upon shelf but not something you’d read, I’m in what a key’s turned when its treasure you need - locked chest

Sitting soundly in grass due to gravity’s force, I am destined for stomach though trees are my source - fallen apple

I’m the howling form of a man turned to beast, under moonlight a pack hunter stalking ‘fore feast - howling wolf

Among three who would nibble on root veggies found, only my listeners point to both sky and to ground - rabbit with a crooked ear

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