Roof of Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonatas Riddle Guide

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Much like the Patio, the Roof of Forgotten Riddles: Hidden Sonata, the Roof has many items located on the floor and scattered about the roof tiles. Look closely, the night sky might hold more than you think it does, mystery fans.

Roof Riddles 1-10

I’ve been walled away when I should have been put in the ground; left to rest where ashes and smoke may be found - skeleton

When a cardinal’s too classy for homes built of twigs, I’m a fine choice when in search of better digs - bird house

In the midst of a product of wood lit by match, I’m a domestic critter most likely to search - cat in smoke

I was once buried deep but now I’m dirt-free and waiting to be opened up by a key - treasure chest

A battery powers my brightening spark, granting you passage through corridors dark - flashlight

I’m the locale of oil-paint storage and mixture; a place to load brushes when painting a picture - artist’s palette

I’m a three that’s been doubled and doubled again; a number that’s made of two I’s and a ten - roman numberal XII

Toward me, carefully aimed arrows have soared; those striking my center will find they have scored - etched bull’s eye

I’m a humanoid form, fit for sub-surface motion; while men live in cities, I dwell in the ocean - mermaid statue

Roof Riddles 11-20

I’m perfectly innocent, left hanging loose, but the quickest of killers when tied in a noose - length of rope

Once grown, we are pulled from the dirt where we hide, and served as fried strips at a hamburger’s side - basket of potatoes

I’m fetched when a once-silent door’s hinges creak; it’s my singular function to stop metal’s squeak - oil can

After walking ten paces, I’m drawn from the hip; my shots held in a cylinder, rather than a clip - pistol

If on your way out should you leave me behind, a for-hire locksmith is who you should find - key

I may well provide you with a meal in a crunch, for within me is a quickly accessible lunch - lunch pail

I fit best on Norse warriors, mighty and large, or any who want to act out a bull’s charge - Viking helmet

I’m played by the strumming and plucking of strings, to make music to which angels may sing - harp

While I’d upon meat where I typically dwell, here I hunt the stone zebra and marble gazelle - stone lion

Its best I stay locked away under the sink, for I’d kill if I was confused with a drink - bottle of poison

Roof Riddles 21-27

I use colorful pigment to decorate spaces, recreate landscapes and paint pretty faces - paintbrush

I come to a point, with feathers on the back; an etch of what’s loosed in an archers attack - etched arrow

When I’m loaded with bolts and my string is drawn back, the pull of a trigger starts off my attack - crossbow

I’m often affixed to a fully grown foal; in sport, often tossed toward an in-the-ground pole - horse shoe

We’re a trio who’ve landed, but not for rest; we’ve discovered a meal to take back to our nests - three birds eating seed

In the moonlight, my eyes are seen glinting like steel; I’m poising to pounce my next feathery meal - stalking cat

We’re the limbs of a fellow, who time has forgot, stacked to be useful for marking a spot - pair of crossed bones

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