Riddle Guide of the Fireplace of Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonata Part 1

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The Fireplace is one of the most perplexing areas of this game. The wall changes to reveal glowing and non-glowing stone etches. The riddles are detailed, requiring you to be sure as to what you’re really looking for. Sometimes, a riddle has to glow and sometimes it doesn’t. I leave it to you to figure out, if not, well that’s what this guide’s for.

Fireplace Riddles 1-10

I watch above sword and I’m to the crab’s right; a man’s seeing ocular orb, casting light - glowing eye

Marked by a remnant of the deceased, I’m the idea spot for a Doberman’s feast - dog bowl

Near the home, the mind and electricity bolting, I’m a once airborne piece of a critter that’s molting - etched feather

I’m the place where a fine wine has most often loomed, between when it was bottled and finally consumed - wine glass

Best known for the curved yellow fruit which I eat, I readily climb with my human-like feet - monkey on the fireplace

Fully displayed with the wind’s every blow, I’m a cloth on a pole with the ground far below - flag

Over hundreds of days, round the sun do I swing I’m a cosmic sphere with an accompanying wing - glowing planet

Breathing through gills and casting a glow, I make my wet way through a bright waving flow - fish under water

A long-ear who jumps like a jack in the box, I keep myself warm as I stare down the fox - rabbit on the fireplace

I’m comprised of four sides which are even and straight, but crossed by two X’s thus cut into eight - divided square

Fireplace Riddles 11-20

By combining a red fruit and a needled tree’s name, you’ll arrive at my title of tropical fame - pineapple

Casting no light and numbering seven, we’e small bits of water falling from the heavens - etched rain drops

I watch above sword, and i’m to the crab’s right; a man’s seeing ocular orb casting light - glowing eye

When dark, i block sun, or act as a disguise; when clear, I’m intended to fix weakened eyes - pair of glasses

Before using me, when you’ve cereal to eat, I’d best be washed clean of the dirt tracked by feet - spoon on the floor

I’m a print of what’s needed to punch or to steer; an oft waving palm carved deep on a rotating gear - hand print

I’ll travel quite far with the proper post mark, bearing letters or bills as I glow in the dark - glowing envelope

I say cheese to the cheese with my glimmering smile; the chompers I bear are of ten karat style - man with gold tooth

Since I’m brighter than side-winder or diamond-back, I’ll have plenty of light for my venomous attack - glowing snake

I love my companion, and so I’m not bitter, although my apartment always smell of litter - lady with a cat

Fireplace Riddles 21-30

In a circus I’m what is most famously tamed, but out of my cage I roar in a cog frame - lion head

Crafted of hide and missing a mate, I’m fit over feet when the hour is late - slipper

By a chemical mixture I ought to be filled, but it’s best I was empty and nothing has spilled - test tube

Over hundreds of day, ‘round the sun do I swing; I’m a cosmic sphere with an accompanying ring - glowing planet

Here I shine just as bright as I do every day, assuming the skies aren’t clouded and gray - glowing sun

Were I carrying a toy crew, they’d have reason to shout; I’ve started to sink, for the floor’s giving out - sail boat

Especially well suited for battle by night, a sharp edge juts both from my left and my right - glowing axe

By an archer without any nocturnal sight, my rings could be hit any hour of night - glowing bull’s eye

Under leafy-hued cover, protecting my pages, I’ve tales of birds to be read through the ages - book marked with a bird

Whenever there are nails in need of a pound, or in need of a pry, I’m what needs to be found - hammer

Fireplace Riddles 31-35

We’re a miniature trident crossed over a blade, only put into use when a meal’s been made - knife and fork

In a stormy sky, I’m what appears with a crash; here I’m paired with no cloud and dark unlike a flash - carved lightning bolt

Taking advantage of blowing air’s power, I create a current or produce wheat flour - windmill

I make nocturnal passage through doors worry-free; you’ve a flashlight and access when carrying me - glowing key

I disappeaer easily into grass or stone, for I’m able to quickly alter my skin’s tone - chameleon

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