Shrine Room Riddle Answers in Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonata

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This will be the last room you unlock in the game Forgotten Riddles: Hidden Sonata. Technically you’ll only get to play this map twice in all of your play time so the riddles are limited to the most common ones. The images depicted here show the epic battle between good and evil (angels and demons) so during the switching of the area, you’ll get to see the murals and the images change from the army of Angels to the Army of Devils. For details on how to solve the Shrine Room Puzzle - check out the Room Puzzle articles of the same series.

Shrines Riddles 1-11

From a sword, it’s a man that my surface protects; I’m marked by a tilted and uneven X - shield with a cross

As I’m riding about, I may hear a light jingle, all because pierced gold and my listeners mingle - creature with gold ear piercing

Locked out of your house, you would then need to quest, until you found what I’m meaning to stash in my nest - bird with a key

Topping a strong iron suit is my place; I cover not eyes, but the rest of the face - knight’s helmet

When you look to the sky, from where water has dripped, a possible source is from what I have tipped - water pouring angel

I’m made by the joining of a one and five; one half of eight, found in the middle of “dive”- Roman numeral four

I could easily stop any swung weapon’s might, deflecting with metal in the hue of sun light - man with golden shield

I’m a great cosmic sphere on an orbital trek, here partially shadowed and worn around the neck - moon necklace

Used not for fighting, but storage instead, the weapon I wield houses triplicate heads - demon with a trident

Although I’m a mammal, the ocean’s my home; I’m a swimmer upon what’s supporting the dome - dolphin

Shrine Riddles 12- 24

While others bear horns, I alone have a fee; one for playing and two of a different hue - a demon with a horn

Upon my brown coat, right between my eyes, I’m marked by a twinkler that fills evening skies - horse marked by a star

I could easily stop any swung weapon’s might, deflecting with metal in the hue of sun light - man with golden shield

I’m sealed next to what falls betwixt I and G; a holder of letters which neighbors a tree - envelope

I’m a graceful and galloping mythical creature; the growth twixt my eyes is my notable feature - unicorn

Like a sword and a shield, I’m carried on kings, perched like a parrot to rest weary wings - bird perched on a shoulder

On a winged lady warrior, I’m to be found; a bright strip of color to dress up her gown - red sash

In addition to arrows, I’ve venom to spit, so you’re twice as likely to die when I hit - snake bow

I get quite congested when weather is cold; I can’t blow my nose when it’s blocked by ringed gold - demon with a nose ring

A foe to attack may be quite tough to find, for my whited out iris suggests that I’m blind - white eye

You’d best fear my tail and the pain it would bring; were my claws not enough, I’d defend with my sting - scorpion

I flutter in wind like the wings of a moth, atop a tall pole, I’m the high-flying cloth - yellow flag

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