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Dining Room Info

Check out the mural of the Dining Room as you pick the right silverware in an effort to solve the riddles of this part of the game. Look closely into the statues and the paintings on the wall, are they what you seem to be looking for? Maybe! You can always refer to this riddle guide if you’re not sure right? All in all, have a pleasant dining experience super sleuth.

Dining Hall Riddles 1-10

My function’s to bring a what a dinner guest craves; my design’s most likely to thrive under waves - plate marked with a fish

I reach toward the sky and by fire I’m crowned; if not thoroughly soaked I may fall to the ground - burning tower

In the wild, I’d swoop upon prey in the night, but my feathers are sculpted, too heavy for flight - stone owl

When in need of a blood-pumping shape on a stick, I’m the angel’s possession you’d obviously pick - heart topped scepter

We’re sporting red caps, but we have not a head; to eat us may sate you, or kill you instead - wild mushrooms

My swaying seat’s fixed to a limb by a rope; that I’ll not fall off backwards is my greatest hope - girl on a swing

We’re a trio who travel wherever we please; our flappers unfolded, we soar above trees - three birds

I relax above wheels as a stallion leads; my trip takes no effort when powered by steeds - woman in a horse-drawn carriage

Helmed by a captain who dares to explore, over oceans I travel to far away shores - sailing ship

I effectively aid the consumption of soup; while my partners bear blades or prongs, I bear a scoop - spoon

Dining Hall Riddles 11-20

I’m a seeker of foxes, of boar and of deer; to be set in my sights is an end they most fear - hunter

My rotating top’s a provider of power, outputting the most in the breeziest hours - windmill

Under an angled “X” watching with seers of gold, my wings are too rigid to ever unfold - angel statue

I’m received at the end of a courier’s trip; my subject is revealed with an opening rip - sealed letter

I’m clearly mismatched amidst towers of white, but soon I will burn and vanish from sight - blue candle

I’ve a diamond confined within one of my four quarters; its commonly covered by fine diners' orders - serving dish

I’m standing my ground below arc of the night, but a seat on the throne is my ultimate right - king statue

I’d be greatly feared if a man were a mouse, for I hold what is needed to access his house - statue of a cat with a key

Over forests and fields where animals graze, I’m what dimly shines through the sky’s murky haze - the mural’s sun

I’m a clean animal warm in blood, on clear sunny days I’ll be rolling in mud - pig

Dining Hall Riddles 21-28

If what’s at my tip isn’t jelly or jame, it could be that a killer is now on the lam - bloody knife

In fables I’m known to be sly and cunning, but at the sight of dogs I’m hiding or running - fox

I’m the reason a bottle now carries less weight; a pour into me was its contents' sure fate - glass of wine

Though suited for flying, I’ve no breath of flame; I’m really quite harmless, in spite of my name - dragonfly

I’m a slasher in stone, that will always point down; affixed to two hands, I’m below a carved crown - king’s sword

A wart or a drip are my back’s every bump; I may splatter wax should I soon choose to jump - toad candleholder

Seen by the billions, but not during days; I’m an oft shooting shape, pointing 5 different ways - star

I’m a dish at the fore of past choice of seating; a clue saying someone’s been previously eating - dirty plate

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