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Experiment Lab Info

The Experiment Lab is the game’s sort of mad scientist area where a lot of scientific things goes on.Look to the walls for the riddle answers, displayed prominently in frames and the shelves filled with jars of specimens. You’ll not only feel like a super sleuth when you finish this area, but as a mad mad scientist too!

Experiment Lab Riddles 1-10

Though my head is hanging, I shan’t hang my head; my eight points are might! Then again, I’m quite dead - deer head

At my sharp steely point, you’ll find blood has congealed; I struck quicker than someone could block with a shield - bloody sword

A hard bound collection of written notation, I keep jotted results of experimentation - lab notes

I’d happily charge crimson capes with a snort, had I not lost my head and wound up one point short - bull’s head

With thirty two legs among only four creatures, we’re one of the lab’s more unsettling features - spiders in jar

When a test upon plasma’s what doctors require, I draw samples much like a tiny vampire - syringe

As short as I am, I’m of no use I’d guess; if relit I’d be gone in a minute or less - burnt candle

My marking may indicate error or theft; while I ought hold twelve herring, only three are left - jar XII

Round and attached to a chain like a locket, I’m a time piece oft kept in a gentleman’s pocket - pocket watch

When repairing a liver, a lung or heart, you’d best read me so you can tell them apart - anatomy book

Experiment Lab Riddles 11-20

We’re a metal collection with teeth most unique, granting passage through doors when it’s access you seek - key ring

Once loaded with letters, my glue is made damp, my top’s folded down and my corner gets stamped - envelope

To pick up an item that’s too hot or cold, I’m the grabbing assistant which you must first hold - pair of tongs

I once buzzed about from the spring until fall, but I’ll nevermore since I’m stuck to the wall - mounted bee

Before treasure hunters begin excavation, they must first proceed to my x-marked location - map

I haven’t an engine, although powered by gas; I’m typically found in a chemistry class - Bunsen burner

Created for show, on a fisherman’s whim, I wait on the wall where I’m too stuffed to swim - mounted fish

Should you see the red hourglass mark I display, and were I not pinned to a board, run away! - black widow spider

Sparkling bright, I’m a beautiful band; not of musical type, but belonging on hand - gold ring

Comprised of bound paper and dressed up in gold, equations complex are the secrets I hold - algebra book

Experiment Lab Riddles 21-28

In a four sided shape which shares hue with bleached bones, I’m a symbol that represents musical tones - double note

While my kin behind bars are securely confined, exploring the lab is what I’ve on my mind - loose rat

Why we’re named for a galloping steed is quite clear, but no jockey could ride us without scuba gear - seahorse

I’m a toxic result of a careless mistake; a dangerous, miniature chemical lake - chemical spill

I’m a creature akin to but darker than dove; were I not stuffed, I’d soar high above - raven

To call a red engine, I’m what you’ll require; calmly speak into me when the lab is on fire - telephone

While my brother’s diplayed like the fox and the bee, on a table of tools I’m still running free - frog

I’m the iconic shape of a sun far away, plucked from the sea and preserved from decay - starfish

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