RIddling the Remembrance Room of Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonata

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Remembrance Room Intro

Enter the Remembrance Room where a coffin lies in the middle of the room.Skim through the wallpapers as they contain more clues than you think they do. Be careful of the intricate details of the vases the walls as they can get confusing - if all else fails, remember that even marble relic contain more than they seem to hold.

Remembrance Room Riddles 1-11

I’m part of a pattern of pink and green tones; where petals should be,I am cranial bones - skull in the wallpaper

I’m a frilly white piece of shelf covering decor;you’ll find at my center the shape of amore - heart doily

With brass to my left and strings to my right, I hold up the dead with my keys, black and white - piano keys

When a price of a bouquet is too much to spend, I’m a single stemmed gift to give one’s girlfriend - single rose

I’ve been left unsealed on a gray marble pall; the dead’s written for all to recall - book of music

I’ve long pointed ears and yet feathers beneath; a strange cornered flier with blood sucking teeth - bird with bat’s head

I’m frequently sent when there’s spirits to lift; a kind paper greeting oft paired with a gift - greeting card

I hang from what hangs from the high ceiling’s center; a tool you may need for a door you’ll soon enter - key

Polished and gilded in metal most fine, I’m a shining and elegant holder of wine - silver goblet

The hottest and brightest of spots in the room, I help to dispel the nearby cold and gloom - candle’s flame

Affixed to the side of where one who’s passed lingers, I truly look best when encircling fingers - diamond ring

Remembrance Room Riddles 12-22

A form on a hanging and brightening antique, I point to the bear with long iron beak - bird on the chandelier

Plucked from a thorned bush, we no longer grow; six blossoms of crimson, and a seventh like snow - bouquet with a white rose

On a burial box and affixed to a hilt, I’ve a tiny blade known for the blood that it’s spilt - dagger

In my disrepaired state, I’m best fit for the trash; no longer well suited for a drum solo’s crash - cracked cymbal

I’m a figure who makes her father’s eyes shine; while I’m held in his arms, I’ve a bear held in mine - A girl with a teddy bear

I’m a sturdily built home for a creature of feather; a place to take refuge from inclement weather - bird house

I’m a blossom of gold over a deceased man’s head; found in the night sky, I’d be shooting instead - star shaped flower

While most like me stand straight, I’m bent to the right, so I may pose a danger when I’m set alight - bent candle

Should you hear rhythmic jingles, I’m likely the source; a percussive circle marked by a horned horse - unicorn tambourine

A circle surrounded by nine carved-in rays, I shine on the front of what a cellist plays - sun design on a cello

I’m a clue that this room is an often walked path; in this case, by someone in need of a bath - foot print

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