Forgotten Riddles: Moonlight Sonata Riddle Guide to the Dollhouse Puzzles

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Dollhouse - Nursery Room

Nursery - You’ll be encountering some sort of statue room, with a statue missing. Four panels appear before you, open them all and assemble the statue to move on to the Nursery Room.

Touch the first panel to reveal the wall

Collect the four gems and place in the holes of the second panel to reveal the wall

The gems are found below the 2nd panel, in the middle of the pedestal, above the 4th panel, below the 4th panel on the floor

Unveil the engraving below the pedestal to reveal the name,Francis Von Amadeus

The initials FVA will open the 3rd panel

Note the pictures of the angels on the ceiling and the instruments they’re holding.

Wind instruments should be on the left

Strummed intstruments on the right

Click on the images of the instruments to swap them with the correct instrument on the opposite end of the panel.

Assemble the angel - torso first, then head, wing and hand

Dollhouse - Experiment Lab

Experiment Lab - You’ll encountered four locked boxes in the middle of the room. Unlock them all, solve the puzzle to get the key to unlock the Experiment Lab.

Find: hedge trimmer, pick axe, key, matchstick

Open first box by using the key on the lock

Open second box by using the pick axe on the rock

Open third box by using the matchstick on the snowflake

Open fourth box by using the hedge trimmer on the leaf

Attach the lightbulbs to the four headlights

Switch on the red light and square to find the right note on the drum (1st note)

Switch on the blue right and triangle to find the right note on the violin (4th note)

SWitch on the green light and the diamond to fnd the right note on the flute (3rd note)

Switch on the yellow light and the circle to find the right note on the tuba (7th note)

Dollhouse: Remembrance Room

REMEMBRANCE ROOM - This one will look like a stage during the fair basicall’y you’ll just sort things by gender

Click on curtains to reveal the tiles

Group the tiles according to gender - male stuff to the left, females to the right

Press the buttons to reveal next clue

Form the words, King and Maid (left and right respectively)

Press the buttons to get the Key


REMEMBRANCE ROOM - A logic game involving the Farmer his wolf, chicken and grain! If it sounds familiar to you, it most likely is. It’s a classic logic game, with a twist. There are supposedly 2 ways to solve this puzzle, but this is what I consider the easiest.

First ferry chicken across (get the oar first!)

Go back and ferry the bag of grains across

Go back, ferrying the chicken (remember to change the weather to sun covered by clouds)

Now ferry the wolf across, changing the weather to night time

Go back for the chicken

And viola you’re done!

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