Forgotten Riddles:Moonlight Sonata Riddle Guide Part 5.1

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Hidden Passage Riddles 1-10

In the midst of great gusts is where I belong, for I function the best when the wind’s blowing strong - windmill

To avoid many sting, you mast part with your money, whenever you’re craving a bit of my honey - beehive

Around a gent’s neck is my typical spot, where I’m carefully looped and then tied in a knot - bow tie

I perch in the midst of delicious red fruits; a nocturnal bird who’s known best for its hoots - owl

I’m a dwelling that’s maybe been met by destruction but its possible that I’m still under construction - stone building

Nestled in granite, twixt crossbow and axe, when a shield is raised i’m what likely attacks - sword in the stone wall

That i would repeat hat you’d say’s a safe bet; I’m a creature best known as a pirate’s perched pet - parrot

I’m a towering structure with only one wall; viewed from above, I’d resemble a ball - round building

Behind stormy clouds, I hide part of my face; I’m the closest of fires to be found out in space - sun

With dozens of puncturing points on a sphere, on battlefields ancient, I inspired fear - mace

Built of an arrow and creature who crows, I show all who see me which way the wind blows - weather vane

Hidden Passage Riddles 11-20

On wings white as snow I fly to the west, searching the town for a new place to rest - west facing white bird

Occupied by a ruler of inherited power, every corner of my four walls end in a stone tower - castle

Shaped like a distant fire twinkling in night, I dwell on the sea floor but produce no light - starfish

I was made in a blacksmith’s forge ages ago; I’m a boot, but with steel in more than the toe - metal boot

I’m a creature who needs to be petted with care, for I’ve defensive needles where others have hair - porcupine

Though no longer in style to wear shirts made of rings, I’d keep your skin free of sword-made dents and dings - piece of chain mail

I was the earliest as I have found, for I’m carrying a tasty critter who lives below ground - bird with a worm

I fly on four wings, but I breathe not a flmae, though medieval monsters share part of my name - dragonfly

Holding what’s made of the combs formed by bees, I’m a doubled edged object for toppling trees - axe candleholder

I’m a game piece much weaker than bishop or rook, I’m below energy meant to burn and cook - pawn candleholder

Hidden Passage Riddles 21-30

From the core of an animal’s chest I’ve been freed; now my function’s to fill a wax-stick holding need - heart candleholder

With a pool that’s filled with both water and change, a statue that spits, I’m a structure most strange - fountain

Holding an item that’s shrinks while brightening, I’m a head with no skin and a toothy grin that’s frightening - skull candleholder

Where a blue tower burns, I am hidden beneath, a sharp pointed weapon stored in a knight’s sheath - sword on a candleholder

Found sunken deep on the floor of the sea, I’ve coins, gems and jewelry locked in me - treasure chest

You’d resemble a bull, were i worn on your head; I’m not a costume, but for defense instead - Viking helmet

Over two weapons crossed, which knights use to impale, I’m a blocker’s decor with cotton ball tail - shield marked by a rabbit

Behind towering foliage I partially hide, for I’ve four giant plants growing at my south side - building lined with four trees

Pork chops and bacon, hot dogs and ham are the part that comprise nearly all that i am - pig

Like my tiny clone who’s etched just below a candle burning bright, I could chop any log to my leg or my right - double bladed axe in the stone wall

Hidden Passage Riddles 31-37

I’m not made of grapes, so my touch wouldn’t stain, but a touch of my tentacles would cause you pain - jellyfish

I wear an orange coat, though not unlike a dog, and sit as I think about eating that hog - fox

Affixed to a tower, in the air I’m suspended; a tool with which a knight’s often defended - shield on a tower

I hold many residents of this fine town, but to see them in person, you’d need to dig down - cemetery

I’m easy to find when the hour is dark; in a field of stars, I’m the enormous arc - moon

I’d rightly belong at the front of a head, but dwell amidst crumbling boulders instead - face in the stone

A gilded piece of jewelry married couples possess, I am found in front of the treasure chest - gold ring

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